Time Flies!

Time flies! [sciba leftsrc=”https://macreo.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/zoo-2009.jpg” leftlabel=”2009″ rightsrc=”https://macreo.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/zoo-2018.jpg” rightlabel=”2018″ mode=”horizontal” width=””]

360 Family Portraits in Guelph

Dayna’s Family 360 Virtual Panorama

Had a great shoot yesterday with Dayna and Jeremy’s family. Here’s a new 360 virtual of this wonderful moment. Traditional photos are wonderful at capturing memories, but an emerging new trend in VR and 360 panoramas is rapidly gaining in popularity. I combine them to bring you a truly immersive memory for all time. Capturing the entire scene of your moment is breathtakingly amazing to share and relive. This is a way to cherish in full, such events like weddings, […]

First Look! The Huntsman: Winter’s War

I really loved the first one. And just today they released the trailer for the sequel. Can’t wait to see it. Check it out below! The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Disney's Finding Dory

Disney’s Finding Dory! First look!

The much anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo is coming! Here’s a first look at the exclusive new trailer. Can’t wait! Our kids (and us parents) LOVED Finding Nemo and I’m sure this won’t disappoint!

Sharknado Wedding After

Sharknado Wedding

Jenna and Tyler told me that they were big Sharknado fans. And considering the super windy and stormy weather we had on the wedding day, it was a great opportunity to try and capture such a fantasy for them. So here is my take on it. After searching for some time online, it’s apparent that most other attempts of Sharknado lacks realism. Of course Sharknado in general is an outrageous concept to begin with, but I still wanted it to […]

Fries Family Photo Shoot

Had a great time this past Sunday shooting the Fries family. Their 2 little girls are adorable and they have a big ‘ol puppy Great Dane too. Weather was perfect and couldn’t have asked for a better day! Send me an e.mail if you’d like family photos done. Thanks for looking!

Amazing Wedding Cake! Wow!

This is one incredibly creative wedding cake. Just watch!

Wife Prank

Funny every time I watch it. 🙂 Warning: mild language ahead. lol.

Springridge Farms, Milton, Ontario

Springridge Farm

We’ve always taken the kids to Snyder’s Family Farm in October but thought we’d try some place new this year. By popularity, Springridge Farm repeatedly comes up in conversations. Plus the kids have always had school trips there in the past (before the teacher’s ‘Work-to-rule’ nonsense). So off we went today. The 30 mins drive there was beautiful and was really more of a highlight than the actual farm. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place but $12 per […]

  • Nikon Huge Fisheye
  • Nikon Huge Fisheye
  • Nikon 6mm F2.8
  • Nikon 6mm Fisheye
  • Fisheye Lens
  • Nikon Fisheye Lens
  • Fisheye view

Monster Nikon Fisheye

So there’s this ridiculous lens by Nikon on eBay for $130,000 USD. And that’s used by the way. It’s a monster too. A crazy rare Nikon 6mm F2.8 that literally shoots behind itself with a field of view of 220°. Quite ridiculous. Apparently it was originally created for special scientific and industrial usage. ie. photographing interiors of boilers, conduits, cylinder bores, etc. Oh and it weighs a meaty 11 lbs. But at least you’re getting 12 elements in 9 groups […]

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