Monster Nikon Fisheye

  • Nikon Huge Fisheye
  • Nikon Huge Fisheye
  • Nikon 6mm F2.8
  • Nikon 6mm Fisheye
  • Fisheye Lens
  • Nikon Fisheye Lens
  • Fisheye view

So there’s this ridiculous lens by Nikon on eBay for $130,000 USD. And that’s used by the way. It’s a monster too. A crazy rare Nikon 6mm F2.8 that literally shoots behind itself with a field of view of 220°. Quite ridiculous.

Apparently it was originally created for special scientific and industrial usage. ie. photographing interiors of boilers, conduits, cylinder bores, etc.

Oh and it weighs a meaty 11 lbs. But at least you’re getting 12 elements in 9 groups with 5 built-in filters. And it’s massive. Just imagine pulling this thing out of your trunk at a wedding. Too funny.

I’m pretty content with my Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM.

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