Springridge Farm

Springridge Farms, Milton, Ontario
We’ve always taken the kids to Snyder’s Family Farm in October but thought we’d try some place new this year. By popularity, Springridge Farm repeatedly comes up in conversations. Plus the kids have always had school trips there in the past (before the teacher’s ‘Work-to-rule’ nonsense). So off we went today. The 30 mins drive there was beautiful and was really more of a highlight than the actual farm. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place but $12 per person, they didn’t really offer much in value. Not compared to Snyder’s.

They had what we thought was a wagon ride and a corn maze. But it was actually a silly wagon ride TO a corn “path”. I know we weren’t the only ones that was expecting otherwise. Other than that, it was your typical farm setup for kids to play. It was okay. The lookout point is nice too. You can get a nice view of the CN Tower way in the distance.

When we go to Snyder’s, you get a sense of a real traditional family farm. Springridge gives us the impression of a commercial establishment looking to capitalize for stockholders. But maybe that’s what happens  to farms closer towards the Toronto way? Not sure. But regardless, I’m not sure how many more pumpkin patch visits still interest us, and if by chance we do go again, it’ll be back to good ‘ol Snyder’s.

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